Evil Empire
We are an Online Gaming Community!
We started as a free company alliance on Final Fantasy XIV's Zalera server (NA) of six free companies collectively known & tagged as <Evil>
We are a well established in the FFXIV community, & well known in the international gaming community with members from all over the world.

We have periodically achieved world ranking #2 due to our hard work & efforts!

Unique FC structures, allowing for rapid advancement of dedicated players!
Endgame Raiding, World Ranked PvP, Master Crafting, Leveling & Social Free Companies! All are welcome!

We are the mighty Evil Empire!
We are a highly organized, true republic consisting of an elected guild council, officers & voting systems.
The power resides in the people through community voting polls, conducted the same exact way they are in the real world.
Every one of our member's votes count & we encourage our members to exercise that ability.
Our structure is designed to be unbiased, completely transparent, and ultimately efficient.
We always welcome new members of any nationality, level or class..

All are welcome but we are selective about who stays.
We as a community are extremely insulated from any drama & we rid ourselves of any problems very quickly.
We will not hesitate to remove you for violations of our rules and policies regardless of rank or tenure.
Community is our main focus, we do not tolerate elitism, segregation, cliques or any social behavior counter to that which is conducive to a positive playing environment. If you wish to be part of our community, then you should be willing to let our community be part of you. The common thread is always social interaction!
We are a laid back & down to earth community consisting of every walk of life imaginable, from every part of the earth. We focus on community & friendships as much as we focus on game play. We are mainly anti-elitists & we all believe everyone should be treated as an equal. We consider a successful free company one that consists of all types of players & all types of people. Our community is based on open communication & trust.

Membership is currently open to all players. We participate in all functions of many games including events, dungeons, raids, pvp, hunts, end game, role playing, and more. Team Speak 3voice communication is available and encouraged but not required unless you are high ranking officer, or a raid static member.
A microphone is not required unless you are an officer, or a raid leader, only the ability to listen is required.
More information is available for registered members in the forums.

While not censored, <Evil> still aims to promote a safe, positive, friendly, and fun atmosphere for our members. Poor behavior will not be tolerated!
Please review our member policy before applying.

"If it is no good for the entire community, then it is no good at all"

While not censored, Evil still aims to promote a safe, positive, friendly, and fun atmosphere for our members. Poor behavior will not be tolerated! Please review our member policy before applying.


Please setup your display name as your character name before submitting your application to help us identify you. Follow the instructions below:

1. Open the drop-down menu on your Guildwork username
2. Select the 'Settings' option
3. Enter your full character name in the 'Display Name' field

Once you have completed and submitted this form, please log in to the game and apply to our Free Company using the in-game application feature.


Members will not communicate information which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, or invasive of a person's privacy. Any such behavior directed at another member of the Free Company is grounds for removal.
Sexual, racial, or ethnic slurs will not be tolerated in any form and will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

We will address issues and grievances on a one-on-one basis. Please report any grievances to our officers. You can send us a private message through the site or talk to us privately in Mumble or in-game. We can't always be online to monitor everything that happens so please keep in mind that you may need to submit screenshots or provide names of witnesses that can corroborate the incident.

Voice Chat software is 100% Mandatory for all raid static members & top tier officers (Raid Leader & higher) No excuses, at all.
Team Speak 3 is free for PC, $2 for android & $5 for IPhones

Typically, a warning will be issued depending on the severity of the problem. Warnings and offending users will be tracked by Free Company leadership. We will try our best to work out these grievances but repeat offenders may be demoted or dismissed permanently from the community and banned from our voip server and website.

These rules & policies are mandatory, If you do not accept the terms of these systems, do not apply for membership, raid groups or officer positions.
By applying on this website, you are hereby agreeing to uphold, and adhere to those policies set forth in that group, and all general policies & rules.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.